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This site is hosted by Florida Electrophysiology Associates the largest group of board certified electrophysiologists in the Southeastern United States.

This site will be a comprehensive site for patients with atrial fibrillation.  All of the various treatments for atrial fibrillation will be reviewed -  including the option of potentially curative catheter ablation.  While we work to build out this site, why not check out the featured article on atrial fibrillation ablations from the March 2006 edition of MD news.  Thank you for visiting this site.

MD News Article on Atrial Fibrillation Ablations

Please send us an e-mail; we want to hear about your experience with atrial fibrillation or any questions you might have.  We try to answer all e-mails but cannot guarantee a response since we only check this e-mail server periodically and not daily.  To send us an e-mail, click here.


Florida electrophysiology Associates is the Florida leader in atrial fibrillation ablations.  Last year(2005), the physicians in our group performed several hundred atrial fibrillation ablations (more then all other operators in Florida performed combined).  Experience counts, and if there's one procedure where it counts the most it's complex left atrial ablations. If you wish to find our more about Florida Electrophysiology Associates, please click here.  


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